Creative Communication is my passion and specialty. Seeing your big picture and helping you build it with each little piece. It’s done through art, creativity, communication and design.


Like a good coffee there is more than just an end product. I do Creativity dreaming and thinking about your brand story and how I can be a part of it, by give aroma and body to your dreams. We do that with years of experience in communication and design within the Faith based environment.  Below is some of my work. And the happy clients I help to brew up some great creative communication.

The Happy Clients


JonosART is the creativity and thoughts of a – Lifelong learner, designer, communicator, videographer, photographer, social media manager and Illustrator. Living in South Africa, loving people and my God Jesus Christ.

My passion is to use my creative talents and experience in serving people from all walks of life, especially church’s and other religious organizations.

Below is the tool I use to get the work done.


Stop it!

Dis die tyd van die jaar waar mens droom oor vakansie en rus maar daar is nog so baie om te doen en die nuwe jaar se beplanning lê honderde papier hoog op jou lessenaar. Dan vir een of ander rede is dit die tyd van die jaar wat daar duisend en een persoonlike admin …


A client needed a vinyl sticker for there new shop. But wanted to apply the vinyl sticker them self  Vinyl decals like small text is easy to apply, but applying a 1x2m vinyl sticker is not everyone’s job. So my client asked met to give them a step by step how to. So I went …


The past 6 years I have been sharing my heart and thoughts in the form of articles in Moreleta Park congregation Magazine enRoute (Op pad). My it inspire you or give you a new perspective on what we believe and think. Click on the thumbnails below to read the articles.


Lets have a coffee and see how we can help you.


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