A client needed a vinyl sticker for there new shop. But wanted to apply the vinyl sticker them self  Vinyl decals like small text is easy to apply, but applying a 1x2m vinyl sticker is not everyone’s job. So my client asked met to give them a step by step how to. So I went on a search to find a website that can help my client. But with no result satisfying me, I decide to write a steps by step on the application of the sticker.

Below is the how to on applying the vinyl sticker to a cromadeck board.

Before you get started

  • The surface must be smooth and clean.
  • Do not stretch the vinyl during application
  • The design must be rubbed down thoroughly with a squeegee before and after application. ( A plastic ruler can also be used)
  • Do not touch the sticky side of the vinyl with your fingers, the natural oils can affect the stickiness and the decal could lift from the board if you do.
  • For large vinyl spray the board with water from a spray bottle to dampen before you apply the decals. This will prevent air bubbles and allow you to move the pieces until you are happy with the application.

Applying the vinyl

  1. Start by spraying the board with water to dampen the board.
  2. Start with one corner and loosen the corner of backing paper from sticker.
  3. Apply sticker corner to board and with ruler/ squeegee rub sticker in place.
  4. One person pulls the backing paper from the sticker will a second person rub the sticker into place with the ruler/squeegee.
  5. After application rub out any visible bubbles.


There are some subjects that are controversial in Christian circles. One of these is skin art, the art of tattooing. I tried to find a unbiased answer on this question. Lets look at this from three angles. Against tattooing, for it and from my cultural background. From these three viewpoints hopeful we’ll come a unbiased conclusion.

Against tattooing

This argument usually includes the following scripture Leviticus 19:28 and 1 Corinthians 6:19 . Both of these scriptures are used out of context. You don’t need a degree in theology (which I have), to see that Leviticus is about the uses of pagan tribes. Corinthians is about sexual immorality.I’ve searched for proof that will strengthen the point against tattooing, but could not find a single one that made sense or had a Biblical founded argument. It seems that that all the arguments against it is purely based in personal opinions and preconceived ideas.

For tattooing

Lets move our focus to why it is ok to get a tattoo. There is no scripture in the Bible that forbid getting a tattoo. Tattooed Christians use Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23. They say their tattoos are a conversation starter, and a tool for sharing their faith. Some get a tattoo as a symbol to remember an event or a time were some great miracle happened. This reminds me of the scripture in Deuteronomy 11:18. The finally point share this witness of a friend’s husband. God used his tattoo to save his life and the lives of his co-workers. They where in a hostages situation and every body was petrified. Through his tattoo God prompted him to take control of the situation and miraculously in a second everything turn around and they were released.

My cultural background

In my culture the view on tattoos are changing. But historically it was the ruffians and  troublemakers that sported green sailor tattoos. In the Western Cape where I grew up it was the gangster that wore tattoos as markings of their loyalty to a specific group. I asked my parents for their opinion. And they gave a amazing response: in summary they said that they would not judge any of their children or grandchildren. But the way they themselves were raised, it was an abomination and thus  they would recommend against it.


I truly believe that there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo, but I have decided against it.

  1. What ever you do, do it for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:23-33). Is the tattoo I’m planning to get glorifying God or is it putting the focus on yourself?
  2. Absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love (Romans 8:31-39). This Scripture is not mentioned once in all my research, but I believe this scripture says it best. Nothing can get between us and God’s love. NOTHING! Not even a single drop of ink.
  3. Honor your father and mother (Exodus 20:12) As a parent myself I believe that honoring your parents is something you do until the day they pasts away. with this I decided to honor my parents and not get a tattoo.

After thought

Maybe getting a tattoo is more of a relationship issue than I faith issue? (Romans 14)

What do you think about getting inked? Please leave a comment, but remember be nice.

Bottled time

I’m a life long learner. And when it comes to photography there is still  A lot I can learn. If you asked me, I would say of the thousands of photos I have taken there are some that are good. Then there are some that I like and would say they are better.

But what is it that makes a photo pop or give it that wow factor?

I started listing to my photographer friends, reading some blogs and websites and got a lot of info and advice. Some would say its all about your tools, the best camera the lighting equipment etc. Others say its knowing the technical stuff. But there are one point that stands out. One big thing that 99% photographers agree about.


Do the photo awake emotions in the viewer? Is the photo loaded with emotion? and last do it tell a story? As I see it a photo is nothing more than time put on pause or bottled time. Example, the run down petrol station below is now a highway petrol station. My daughter below (a week old) is now fast on her way to 3 years of age. As Jim Croce sang Time in a bottle.


The tools, the technical stuff is important. Focus, Lighting, Composition is noting if time is not stopped and bottled for a great story and awakening of emotions. Anyone can take stock images but the true photographer, the true artist can save time in a bottle.

What do you think makes a photo a work of art? What is the difference between a good photo and a great one? Please leave your comment.

Die skool van liefde

Skool van liefde. Dit is wat familie is. Dis waar jy leer om lief te hê, waar jy liefde deel en ontvang. Kerk is die familie van God, die God van liefde, die God wat liefde is. Is die kerk dan die Universiteit van liefde? Hoekom sien ons dit nie?

Is vandag se kerk wees nog wat Jesus ingedagte gehad het? Ons goed beplande eredienste, kursusse vir elke gebeurtenis?

Wat maak saak?

3 goed geloof, hoop en liefde en die grootste daarvan die liefde (1 Kor 13:13). Rick Warren sê “Many people think that Christianity is a belief system, but it is a belong system.” Jy behoort aan ‘n familie maak nie saak hoe anders jy is of stukkend nie, jy hoort in God se familie.

Hoe lyk Jesus se familie? Die een waar heen elkeen van ons genooi word? Dis ‘n familie met bedrieërs, leuenaars, moordenaars, egbrekers. En dis net om ‘n paar te noem. So wat is die punt van God se familie? Dis duidelik nie perfek nie. Sy familie is waar jy leer om lief te hê en liefde te ontvang.

Hoe leer ons in die familie?

Deur te leef! Nie net deur kennis nie maar deur ervaring. Jy leer nie lief hê deur boeke nie jy leer liefhê deur te doen. Saam te huil en te bid deur moeilike tye, fees te vier in die goeie tye en saam te wonder oor vrae wat nie altyd antwoorde het nie.

So, dominee en mede gelowiges: jy is in die kol as jy sê “broers en suster”. Prediker sê daar is ‘n tyd vir alles so pak bietjie jou boeke weg, kom uit jou kantoor uit. Sit en luister na iemand, leef saam met mense, deel in hul stories, stop en bid saam met die wat drome het groter as wat logika en teologie sê moontlik is. Familie is om liefde te deel, te ontvang en so iemand RAAK te LEEF.

Wat dink jy oor kerk, die skool van liefde en familie wees?Deel jou denke hieroor in die comments hieronder!

Embers of hope

Looking at the world today, it seem that all hope have left this little blue planet of ours.

Attempting  in seeking for a ember of hope my faith gives me some. But the teachers of my faith snuff it out before it could catch alight. There is hope! Where you may ask? This wild fire of hope have its origins also in faith.

If we look through the glasses of the media,  politics and even Social media. We only see racism, hatred, violence the list can go on. But what it don’t give you is hope, all that you see is the evil in the world. But through the glasses of faith in the all Mighty God the picture change completely. You see embers of life’s being changed. People giving truck loads of water and grass for drought stricken towns, students gathering across colour and race lines to pray for their  country.

A great and strong wind rent the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake; And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire [a sound of gentle stillness and] a still, small voice. (1Kings 19:11-13)

The God of love is blowing with a small whisper over the ember of hope, he’s starting the wild fire in our country and the world. It so small that we can miss it in the storms, earthquakes and fires of the evil one. The prince of darkness is running scared.

What are we to do? What actions should we take? Is the Prince of peace working in a new why? and are we his children ready for it?

Like others …

Do people log off there brain when they log on to social media? 

I wonder about this question when I listen too the news. Do people really think they’re invincible on the web or is it just ignorance? What comes to mind is freedom of speech, but here is where I would like to look at it from a different view point. What if the post, tweets and comments where filtered through the thinking of, do unto others … Ask yourself what would you want people to post about you? Then do the same unto them!

The article below is a over view look about social media and the law. (Op pad Magezine, Feb/Mrt 2016 bl. 15; Moreletapark Congregation)

Like or Unlike ?

Social media is not just for selfie, sharing your opinion (wanted or unwanted) and finding old friends. From the smallest church to the biggest companies and even shopping malls have Facebook pages, Pinterest profiles, can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Hate it or love it but its here to stay for longer than most of us. I manage and advise on several of these social platforms. Over time I have learn some of the danger and treasures of the connected world of social media.

Below is a article I written about social media etiquette. Hier onder is ‘n artikel wat ek geskryf het oor etiket op sosial media. ( Op pad Tydskrif, Okt/Nov 2013 bl. 18; Moreletapark Gemeente)

What do you think of peoples  etiquette and manners on social media?