Bottled time

I’m a life long learner. And when it comes to photography there is still  A lot I can learn. If you asked me, I would say of the thousands of photos I have taken there are some that are good. Then there are some that I like and would say they are better.

But what is it that makes a photo pop or give it that wow factor?

I started listing to my photographer friends, reading some blogs and websites and got a lot of info and advice. Some would say its all about your tools, the best camera the lighting equipment etc. Others say its knowing the technical stuff. But there are one point that stands out. One big thing that 99% photographers agree about.


Do the photo awake emotions in the viewer? Is the photo loaded with emotion? and last do it tell a story? As I see it a photo is nothing more than time put on pause or bottled time. Example, the run down petrol station below is now a highway petrol station. My daughter below (a week old) is now fast on her way to 3 years of age. As Jim Croce sang Time in a bottle.


The tools, the technical stuff is important. Focus, Lighting, Composition is noting if time is not stopped and bottled for a great story and awakening of emotions. Anyone can take stock images but the true photographer, the true artist can save time in a bottle.

What do you think makes a photo a work of art? What is the difference between a good photo and a great one? Please leave your comment.

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