Bestaan daar iets soos christelike eenheid? Neem jy ‘n standpunt in oor wat jy glo God se woord vir ons leer en dit verskil van ‘n ander is dit nog eenheid? Kry mens iets soos goeie en slegte eenheid? Ja, ja en ja John 17:21 That they all may be one; just as You, Father, …

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A client needed a vinyl sticker for there new shop. But wanted to apply the vinyl sticker them self  Vinyl decals like small text is easy to apply, but applying a 1x2m vinyl sticker is not everyone’s job. So my client asked met to give them a step by step how to. So I went …

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Social media is not just for selfie, sharing your opinion (wanted or unwanted) and finding old friends. From the smallest church to the biggest companies and even shopping malls have Facebook pages, Pinterest profiles, can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Hate it or love it but its here to stay for longer than most …

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